High-end escorts come with a ‘creepy client’ stereotype

Many myths and stereotypes are associated with escorts. Most of them are completely incorrect. Escorts do not have dumb looks, and the majority them are educated and intelligent women. They are also careful when it comes down to their clients, and they do not engage in sexual promiscuity. You may not have heard of these myths if have never worked as an escort.

Cost of working as a high-end escort

Although it’s an incredibly lucrative career but being an escort of elite is not inexpensive. The prices for these prostitutes are between 10 and 30 percent more expensive than regular prostitutes. Depending on the location the high-end prostitute can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 an hour. This would translate into an average annual salary of $416,000

For two to three hours of premium service, a typical client will be charged between $40 and $50. A former pimp, Jason Itzler, was arrested in January of 2005 after running a brothel catering to the elite of Manhattan. Even though they are paid the highest amount, escorts can be vulnerable to aggressive behavior and bizarre requests. Samantha Waters, a high-end service girl, is sent all over the world to assist professional athletes lobbyists, CEOs and other executives with high-level positions.

What are the requirements to be a successful as an escort?

You might be able to attract a premium clientele when you have a professional appearance. Your body is just as important as your personality and your face. This is an advantage when it comes to online ads where your body is more visible than your face.

Pay scales for escorts that are high-end

The pay scale for high-end escorts can differ significantly. They charge between $2,000 to $5,000 per session. could be female or males and the majority are educated in high school. Many of them work with escort agencies and are routinely under surveillance.

Escorts of the highest quality can earn more than half a billion dollars per year. In some cases successful escorts can charge as much as $25k per two-day engagement. Clients can pay more than $100k annually on their services, which is more impressive.

High Class Escort Work