Very often people forget about their security and later have to face troubles such as getting robbed or blackmailed for money. It is not unusual that many scam fraud escort websites are active, which are scamming people who forget to make sure that they are playing safe. In order to play safe, here is what you should always keep in mind while hiring the services of Birmingham escorts.

Meet away from your home

It does not matter whether you are single or married, never risk your address for escort services. It may seem fun and inside your comfort zone at first but can turn into a headache real quick if the escort keeps sticking around your place. Book a hotel room instead and keep your escort services and your everyday life separate.

Be the one to pick the place

If the escort’s agent asks you to come to a location which you have never heard of before, it is better that you suggest a place where you can be safe and comfortable. Never let the escort service pick the place unless you are familiar with the location. It can be a huge trap in a solitary place where the chances of you getting robbed will only increase as you get near to the location.

Ask for escort’s identity

There are plenty of fraud websites online who promise to send beautiful models, but then you meet someone else at the door. They will make excuses such as your escort fell sick, or even try to make you your red signal and leave immediately.

Ask the agent for escort’s picture

Another way to know if the escort is real is to ask the agent or her directly to send you a picture with a note containing your name. This way, you can confirm that the service is legit. If the agent tells you otherwise and makes excuses, tell him politely to cut the call and do not disturb again.

Avoid wallet to the venue

Keep the cash for making the payment in your pocket along with some extra notes to pay her tips later. Avoid bringing your wallet, credit cards, or any identity proofs with you to the venue, so that in case you do get robbed, you can avoid bigger damages.

Inspect the room

If you escort reaches the venue before you, it is a plus for her service to be punctual. At the same time, if the service is a fraud, there might be booby traps for you inside the room. Make sure that it is only you two inside the room, and there are no hidden cameras either.

How to Avoid Trouble While Hiring an Escort