While there are plenty of escort agencies with online websites, there are equally or maybe even more fraud websites which are only meant to create troubles for you. Many scammers have realized the growing popularity of the escort websites due to which new fake escort services pop up on the internet every day. When you are hiring an escort, make sure that you check the website properly to avoid falling in traps of fraudsters who are only interested in stealing money from your bank account. Here are the most common traits of fake escort websites which will help you in filtering only the legit services.

Fake pictures

Scammers may know the ways to trick people, but they are not smart or skilled enough to create a masterplan for it. As they make run hundreds of websites as traps for people, it becomes difficult for them to maintain and develop each website properly. With the scarcity of skills and time, they make a lot of mistakes on the website, including pictures, grammar, and page links. You can recognize a fake website by looking at the pictures. Sometimes you can even find the pictures of famous actresses portrayed as escorts. Know that if the pictures seem too good to be real, there is a higher chance that it is not.

Credit first

The escort services know very well that asking for credit information before presenting the options will chase away most of the clients. It is not a safe strategy for an agency which wants to grow its business. Only the scam websites will ask for credit details before entering the site. You might have found such ads on Google where they promise to provide free service but need your credit details for registration which makes absolutely no sense.

Unprofessional Agents

Some agencies may be real online but can have frauds working on the other side of the contact line. The agents who seem to be unaware of their services and special lingos that escorts use have a big chance of being frauds. Any professional agency will have agents who can provide all the necessary details to the clients, including the contact of the escorts. If the agent makes excuses for getting you in touch with the escort and tells you otherwise, cut the call and look for another agency. There is no point in arguing when the main point about the service is discretion.

Only incall services

If the service does not have outcall services, it is not very wise for the first-timers. There can be several traps and thugs waiting for you to rob you as soon as you arrive. Always choose outcall service on your first experience and make the decision for the time and place on your own. It will assure your privacy and safety, and prevent any fraud agency from making any plans to mug you or blackmail you for money.

How to Detect Fake Escort Websites